Hey, I am Vivi

An Indian proverb says if you love your child send it traveling & that’s exactly what my parents did. 

My goal always was to travel the world, explore every single country and live the most unbelievable and breathtaking adventures with my soulmate. 

Obviously I was influenced by all the stunning & magical #couplegoal pictures on Instagram & co. but during all my travels, all the different towns, cities & megacities I lived in, I rarely met a couple that really had an exceptional relationship.

Even though their pictures & stories sounded often great, the more I got to know people the more obvious were their problems, struggles and conflict-prone topics & areas. 

As I never stay at one place longer than a few weeks and rarely longer than 6 months,

I figured out how to create amazing, long-lasting & deep relationships in a short time & started applying it my relationship with my soulmate.


After I moved to my soulmates place in Nevada I started cracking the code to create an exceptional relationship that is set up for success, support & happiness.

The relationship I always dreamt of, movie like and full of support, encouragement, understanding and empathy.

A place where you uplift each other, become better together while enjoying your life to the fullest. 

I realized it is my mission to help you create a relationship wilder than your wildest dreams with effective communication, trust, support and a hell lot of love & fun. 

To create a partnership where you can be fully you, truly fulfilled & still adding value to your partners life while you make each others life easier & better.

Are you ready to transform your relationship into the exceptional, loving, movie like relationship you have always dreamt of ?