Create magical alignment, effective Communication & an unshakable connection with your partner while designing an exceptional relationship wilder than your wildest dreams

Live your best life together with your soulmate partner
who has your back, is your biggest fan
& supports you in any situation no matter what.

Let’s design your exceptional relationship and create magical alignment,          effective communication & an unshakable bond with your partner


The Exceptional Relationship is a relationship transformation course for entrepreneurs

  • to intensify their bond & connection,
  • communicate effectively
  • massively increase their success and happiness of their relationship & marriage.
In short: 
Creating An Exceptional Relationship

Dear Lovebug

I know you are doing the best you can to keep your partner happy and you support your significant other wherever you can.

But it feels like it is just not enough,

You are exhausted and instead of your relationship being this save harbor where you can come to rest & reenergize to fulfill your entrepreneurial mission, it feels like a house of cards ready to collapse at any moment.

I know your heart is craving a powerful & caring connection with your significant other, real communication with actual meaning and no unnecessary arguments,

it is looking for more support in tough times and less stress and conflicts.

You are longing to be a better partner and lover to be happier, more successful and more fulfilled.

You are a high achiever, an entrepreneur, a go-getter craving stress free, solid, honest and deep communication.

But You Are Out Of Alignment With Yourself

You get angry easily and say things that you know you shouldn’t say. 

You get into conflicts just for the sake of being in a conflict and winning. You both forgot to see each other as a team that wins and loses together.

You are too tired or busy to actually listen and understand your partners problems and worries so give quick advice without holding space or being empathic.  

You stress out, get frustrated or upset a lot when things do not go how you imagined. 

It’s hard for you to control your emotions, to stay calm and see what is actually going on in your relationship, 

your communication skills drop making it even easier to get into more misunderstandings, conflicts and stress and so the vicious circle begins

You are craving a purposeful & abundant relationship, where you both are truly happy & fulfilled



You want nothing more than to feel truly loved, 

knowing you can count on your significant other 

and you are always there for each other no matter what. 

You want an exceptional relationship.

You Desire….

To stop sugarcoating the truth and finally...

  • Create a rock-solid connection and alignment where nothing can come between you
  • Prioritizing your relationship & spending intentional quality time together
  • Communicate effectively and with ease to avoid conflicts, misunderstandings & arguments.
  • Be your most authentic, empowered & confident self
  • Stop riding the emotional roller coaster, getting clear on your feelings & emotions
  • React appropriately when emotions hijack you, you are stressed-out or get into a conflict
  • Stop blaming your partner for how he makes you feel
  • Handle criticism without denial, blame, excuses or anxiety.
  • Be an exceptional partner and lover and
  • Start operating from your feminine side
  • Communicate effectively without frustration, bitterness and misunderstandings
  • Reignite the spark & passion in your relationship
  • Feel fully and deeply loved and fulfilled

And most of all:

Creating an exceptional relationship that truly fulfills you


The Problem is: 

You have been together for years and your life and relationship seems more like “groundhog day” than a daring and exciting adventure you can’t wait to begin.



Maybe you:

  • Are not feeling truly loved but you are overwhelming your partner with love and affection
  • Are not sure if your significant other even knows how to actually love or be loved?
  • Want your quality time to be more magical and full of fun, magic and sparkles?
  • Let frustration, annoyance, and anger take over and then snap at your partner or react rather than acting thoughtfully
  • Struggle to understand and control your emotions and blame your partner for your feelings?
  • Are scared that you ruin another relationship, that you break up because of your superficial connection and understanding for each other?
  • Feel that you have to communicate more effectively and forge stronger connection and bonding with your significant other?
  • If you try to make your partner happy, you know he is the one but you are not truly happy and fulfilled it is time to change

"Let’s make your relationship exceptional."

“I was always hustling till I lost focus of my personal life. I had absolutely no quality time with my husband anymore and I felt miserable. I wasn’t happy. At the same time my moods were crazy. My relationship almost fell apart. I knew something had to change. I got coached by Vivi and my life changed sooooooo much. I am incredible thankful for the program and her Coaching! Now, I love my life, my husband and we truly live an exceptional relationship and I know this wouldn’t be the case without the program”

Jodi Hansen

Do you feel like that exceptional, caring & loving relationship you dream of is still so far?

Love, Relax and take a deep breath…

First of all: You need stop stressing and worrying

Second:  It’s not too late to un-break from the unhappy routine and habits and renew & re-spark your relationship.


I am Vivi,

and I am here to make sure you get the breathtaking, loving and caring relationship you deserve with an incredible communication and a mind-blowing connection.

As an online relationship coach, I  guide alpha females to an exceptional relationship. The kind of relationship you have been desiring deep down inside.  


I know what you are going through right now.

Not too long ago I was really unhappy in my relationship, everyone around me could see that and I was even told that our relationship was not set up to last long.  But I didn’t want to see it, I believed he was my soulmate and that the universe brought us together. 


Whenever someone said the tiniest thing against him or how he was actually hurting me I would defend him like my life depended on it. I overflowed him with love, care and affection. I did whatever I could to make it work, but he didn’t know how to be loved nor how to make someone truly feel loved.

Our relationship wasn’t a priority to him as he first wanted to get our businesses going and quit his job before he could actually make more time for me. We were out of integrity.

 I tried pushing him to do things that I know would serve him & help him achieve his goals faster like eating only healthy food and working out so that he would have more energy and even though I just wanted to help and had his best interest in mind, I did it all wrong.

I knew our relationship could be exceptional

and I badly wanted it to be exceptional but it just didn’t work. I gave it my all but it wasn’t enough. There were to many factors playing into this game until he finally gave up. 


I was heartbroken.                                                       After I have done everything for you?                                       After I had put you before me?                                             What went wrong?

Whats going on? I did everything? I gave you love, I cared for you, I helped you with your business. 

What did I do wrong?


His answer was: Maybe its better when we get back together when we are both in a better situation I feel you need to do some soul-searching & find yourself again.

I instantly build up this resistance. Soul-searching? me? Are you crazy? I have been to over 60 countries,  I lived in 10 countries, I speak 3 languages fluently. I know exactly who I am. I don’t need that shit.


But his words stuck to my head and over and over I heard the words „Do some soul-searching“

I realized quickly the more resistance we have to something the more truth is in it when its regarding ourselves


and I knew I had two choices


I could either give a fuck & move on with my life, being angry and frustrated


figure out how to make our relationship work, how to become a better partner and human, how to control my emotions and deeply connect with him on a different level.


and in an instant I realized even though I blamed everything on him, 


It was all my fault. 


I had 100% responsibility for the situation. 


I had expected him to solve my pain. 


To make me happy. 


I moved to Vegas for him, I gave up everything I had, I got rid of all my belongings and all I had left was one suitcase just for him. 

Was it too much to ask for him to care about me? 

To make happy?

I was just like you.

I could kind of see the problem but I would not want to realize that it was on me to change. Because if you don’t make the step, the other person might never will.

  • That it was on me, to learn how to communicate my needs and desires effectively while corresponding to my partner ones,
  • That it was me to learn how to build a deep, long-lasting and strong relationship that actually fulfills me and makes me happy.  

I’ve been competitive. I’ve been suspicious. I’ve been dependent. I got angry just for my partner to realize that I wasn’t happy.

Being self-aware, is far more valuable than being perfect. And even though all this process is a journey, it is a great challenge and will transform your life.

Relationships are not easy if you are not willing to put in the work . They mirror everything we feel about ourselves. 

When you’ve had a bad day, your partner seems difficult. When you’re not happy with yourself, your relationship seems to be lacking. If you are unhappy with yourself your relationship can’t be happy or fulfilled.

Have you ever been disappointed because your partner didn’t meet your expectations, you felt walked on and unheard? I know I have, I bet you have too.

We don’t live in a vacuum. We have thoughts and feelings that can be confusing. Our partner does too. That is where the problem occurs, and we have difficulties getting out of our own ways of thinking, trying to see other people’s point of views and understand their feelings.

That is why I decided to really figure this  whole „relationship-thing“ out and help others overcome the pain as well.

All I did for years was learning more and more besides college and trying out new things, seeing how to improve my relationship, how to effectively communicate and how to control my emotions and how to create a deep connection.  

On my travels to over 60 countries I stared learning and understanding what moves people to treat their partner a certain way, culture and value wise. I learned and experienced what made relationships great, what were the secrets to staying happily together for a lifetime and why people break up & cheat.

Do you know that tiny little things can affect your relationship and connection with your significant other big time? I was so excited about all that, that there were days that I didn’t even leave the house if I didn’t have to. I finally felt that I had the best secrets, tiny tips and tricks and kick ass life changing methods to help others do the same and transform their life.

My soulmate became my Guinea Pig, every new theory, strategy or method I had was directly tested on us and we were able to build a truly meaningful, supportive, loving, caring and understanding relationship that I can’t even imagine living without. I now say my relationship is truly magical & exceptional!

And now I want to help you achieve the same success. Why?

My life now looks very different and I want you to have the same. 

  • I Want you to win and I want you to live the live of your dreams and I know that with an exceptional relationship that is a lot easier and you will enjoy it 10 times more.

Imagine how exceptional your life could become if you and your partner had an exceptional relationship.

how happy and fulfilled you would be knowing that the world around you can crumble but your partner will go through even the toughest of times by your side.

  • I want you to be the, successful partner and leader making your life more loving and understanding.
  • I want you to be achieving your goals and working on your passion, living the life of your dreams while being fully supported by your partner.
  • I want you to be healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest because unhappiness and stress are super toxic for fulfillment in relationships & life
  • I want you to feel the difference in ALL areas of your life as your relationships become stronger and you break free from the emotional hijacking.

Most women don’t like to admit that they are part of the problem. They don’t want to see that change could be easy & that they are just a few steps away from a magical, loving & supporting relationship.

Here Is The Thing: Their Mindset Is Holding Them Back!

When a conflict arises they start thinking…

“I don’t have time to deal with this now”

“This is all my partners fault anyways”

“I can’t deal with this emotional stuff anymore, I have so many other things to do”

“He even tries to understand me”

„I told him to change so many times but he doesn’t even care“

They do not even try to find the reason of the issue but

Luckily that’s NOT you! You are NOT just another action less whiner.

You are an empowered alpha women, a leader, a high- achiever, an entrepreneur, a family person.

You know that your communication and  the connection between you and your partner can make or break your happiness, fulfillment and the entire relationship.

So now you are ready to do the fine-tuning, to create a better relationship climate, a more loving relationship with your partner with less stress and emotional drama. 

You are ready to take responsibility and create a happier and more fulfilled life and relationship.


I don’t want you to keep on hurting your relationship with your words or actions only because you cannot control yourself like I did.

I don’t want you to be stressed-out day by day no fully enjoying your life.

I don’t want you to live a mediocre relationship because life is way to precious and short to  be stuck in unhappiness.

It is on you to make a change today. To move your ass, bring the magic back & transform your life!

I’ve put together The Exceptional Relationship for you!

What can I expect from The Exceptional Relationship?

The Exceptional Relationship  is a 10 week online membership coaching program where you learn to

  • Bring back the magic & sparkles to your relationship
  • Be fully in love with yourself, your partner & your relationship.
  • Communicate your needs & wants in a easy way
  • Build an un-destroyable bond and deep connection
  • know what is helping and hurting your relationship
  • understand yourself & your partner better & be able to put yourself in his shoes
  • Manage and control your own emotions and actions
  • Act on your emotions wisely and create fewer conflicts, arguments & tensions
  • Live life with less stress
  • build an ever- lasting beautiful & growing relationship with ease and love
  • stay in love in even the thoughts of times
  • Be a better, more caring and loving leader and lover
  • clear your self-doubts, limiting beliefs & insecurities
  • take a 100% responsibility for your life & relationship
  • live your dream relationship with ease every single day
  • clear the underlying tensions, judgments & start to forgive & accept the past & yourself
  • be a team & become unstoppable together
  • be truly happy & fulfilled in your relationship
  • prevent conflicts, tensions & arguments
  • get him to show you the love & build the connection you are graving
  • Communicate effectively so he gets you & understands you but doesn’t feel affronted


My clients work with me because I am a go-getter & I put my heart behind your result & your relationship. They get inspired by my positive energy and drive which helps them achieve their goals and desired outcomes of the program much faster.

As I am nothing but committed and determined to my clients outcome, we constantly achieve fascinating life changing transformations and create happier, more fulfilled life’s and truly amazing relationships.

In 10 weeks your most important takeaways of The Exceptional Relationship will be:

Month 1:

  • Becoming crystal clear on your dream relationship, life & connection together
  • Identifying what you do and how you react when a situation does not go as you hoped
  • Clearing what is holding you back from stepping into the goddess you are
  • Dropping your ego & becoming your true authentic self.
  • Taking a 100% responsibility for your life & relationship & therefor always get what you want
  • Becoming your best self to create your best relationship
  • Learning what situations, words & behaviors  trigger both positive and negative emotions in yourself
  • Knowing and utilizing the difference between reaction and considered response
  • Regulating your moods to facilitate effective thinking & creating high vibe situations with your partner
  • Discovering how to manage your emotions, and positively influence yourself and your partner
  • Changing your perspective to a positive approach and feeling more energetic, attractive & fulfilled
  • Don’t get offended or hurt easily
  • Being confident and secure in who you are and your relationship

Month 2:

  • Mastering the art of effective and considerate communication
  • Dealing with conflicts and how to learn from them & avoid them in the future
  • Bonding to your partner, caring about him & showing him true love
  • actively listen to his worries, struggles and problems and engaging with them to strengthen the relationship
  • Relating to your partner through emotions, carefully listening to the message beneath the words and understanding his body language
  • Boosting your empathy and attracting more joy and magic into your relationship
  • Create happiness, love & fulfillment
  • Deal with expectations & needs of your partner & your own
  • Dtep into you own power
  • Shift into your feminine energy & be from a place of love
  • Communicate in a way it is serving your relationship & building a deeper connection & more trust

Month 3:

  • Positively influencing and motivating your partner
  • Knowing how to truly show your partner love & how to get him to show him you more love, affections & emotions.
  • Keep on improving your relationship & growing together for the rest of your life
  • Creating the awareness & notice whenever something is hurting or serving your relationship
  • Creating an un-destroyable connection, hold space & support each other
  • Growing together & learning from each other instead of growing apart
  • Increasing satisfaction and fulfillment in all areas of your life
  • Learning to live a spectacular relationship where nothing can stop you from becoming your best self & achieving your dreams
  • Create a Masterpiece of life together that you will not only be fully in love with but also be truly proud of

In 10 amazing weeks with me you will get:


•  Weekly training modules including video (Value:  5.000$)

•  Uniquely with care and love developed woukbooks & journaling promots & tasks
    to help you implement, engrave & shift into your best version self (Value: 1.500$)


•   Access to Vivi’s private and exclusive Facebook group to connect with like minded
    women who aer making a difference in the world and are creating their best relationship

•   Additional access to Vivi by posting your questions in the private group


•  Full Email Access to Vivi for 10 weeks for personal help and urgent questions (Value:  1.000$)

•  Weekly group video Q & A sessions with 1:1 coaching with Vivi to work on your unique goals,
   struggles & limiting believes. (Value: 5.000$)


Upgrade & get bi-weekly 1:1 Sessions with Vivi (Value: 10.000$)

+ Voxer (Voice message) support for the full 10 weeks (Value: 5.000$)


The Exceptional Relationship is currently priced at 999$ for the 10 weeks with a value of total 12.500$

Do you want more 1:1 support & guidance? 

The VIP is currently priced at 3333$ with a total value of (27.500$)

Payment plans are available & customizable

The question is how much does it cost you not to act?

How much is an exceptional relationship worth for you?



But that’s not all! I bet you will be delighted by these incredible bonuses!

Bonus No. 1

An Orientation Module to support you and to sky rock your results of the program

Bonus No. 2

Effective communication formula with words and phrases that make or break your communication.

Bonus No.3

My personal book list that will change your mindset and your life!

Bonus No.4

Handling Money in your relationship training


“Since I started The Exceptional Relationship my life changed completely. I thought it was impossible to rescue my 5 year relationship with my boyfriend. We lived side by side without really living together and enjoying each other’s company. The Exceptional Relationship help me to stop blaming him and to see my mistakes as well. I learned how to show him that I am truly interested in him and that I love him with all my heart. We spend our 6th anniversary on a luxury cruise and had the most romantic and intimate time of our relationship. I am genuinely thankful for Vivis help. I can’t express how much I am enjoying waking up each day and living the life of my dreams with my love.”

-Amanda Graham

“My experience at The Exceptional Relationship more than surpassed my expectations. I was always a very emotional unstable person and could go from the loudest laugh to the deepest sadness within seconds. I was disappointed and unsatisfied. The Exceptional Relationship helped me to recognize my emotions, to observe them but then consciously decide how I want to feel and react. This was a game changer. I never thought this was possible. Vivi helped me to change my mindset completely and now I am living my best life, enjoying each day and deciding how I want to feel instead of letting my emotions decide for me My Husband is more than grateful, our relationship has never been so magical”

-Luise Harrington

“My experience at The Exceptional Relationship more than surpassed my expectations. I was always a very emotional unstable person and could go from the loudest laugh to the deepest sadness within seconds. I was disappointed and unsatisfied. The Exceptional Relationship helped me to recognize my emotions, to observe them but then consciously decide how I want to feel and react. This was a game changer. I never thought this was possible. Vivi helped me to change my mindset completely and now I am living my best life, enjoying each day and deciding how I want to feel instead of letting my emotions decide for me My Husband is more than grateful, our relationship has never been so magical”

-Melinda Hull



 What Happens After You Register?


If you are ready to change your relationship now, to take action today and to transform your life by joining The exceptional Relationship you have already done the first step!

Once you apply  for The exceptional Relationship, I ask you to fill out a short Call preparation form which is a quick info for me to prepare for our upcoming 30-50 minute clarity call that you will schedule once you submit the form.

On our discovery call we clarify any doubts and questions you have about the Course and I tell you more about what it takes to master the course and to successfully transform your relationships in all areas of your life and to master your communication as well.

The exceptional Relationship is for those alpha women, entrepreneurs & leaders that are 100% committed to their own success and ready to transform their life.

That is why The exceptional Relationship is by application only.


Apply Now To Book Your Free Clarity Call With Vivi


Are you ready to build a deeper, stronger and stress free relationship? 

Then join The exceptional Relationship today as we only have a few more spots left for this month.




We only take a small number of people at a time to ensure high end quality and true transformation, so make sure you do not miss out on this life changing opportunity!

NOW is the time to get in at the lowest investment and take out your biggest transformation!

WHy should you Choose the Exceptional Relaitonship?

The exceptional Relationship is not just any typical online course. It is a well-prepared, and with love created deep diving 10 week program that ensures a magical relationship that lights your up and fulfills you.

It’s an inside-out transformation that will help you to deal with unpleasant feelings and to change them in order to live a happier, more conscious and fulfilling relationship. Remember you change first, your partner will follow.  

You will leave with new energy and result driving techniques to not only communicate better but also to create a stronger connection with your partner, a lasting bond and true magic.

In The exceptional Relationship we share techniques, tools and mindset practices that created breathtaking results not only for me but will also take life to a complete new level for you and your relationship.

There are millions of courses on communication, relationship building and emotional intelligence out there but none of them is as personalized as The exceptional Relationship and none of them will guide you on your journey, kick your ass and help you step by step to achieve your desired outcome.

We ask you to sign up intentionally & share this intention with us so we can create the space, reinforce your intention and get you your desired results.

If you do not work on yourself first, none of these courses out there will be able to really help you. In The exceptional Relationship you do not need to worry about this part as we guide and support you on this journey.

When you become a member of The exceptional Relationship, you will learn so much more than just building your most amazing and loving relationship. You will truly connect not only with yourself  but also with your partner.

No matter how down you feel or how angry you are. Vivi is there to help you. To calm you down and to support you, to learn from every single day and every single conversation you have. You matter to us and we are here to hold you & guide you to your best relationship.

If you think you can get this on your own – you probably can – (but it might be a long & hard journey, I know it was for me and it almost cost me my relationship and happiness) That is why we are here to support you & help you take the shortcut.

Spots will fill up quickly and there are limited seats available.

My promise to you:

In these 10 weeks you will get more than some strategies and techniques but manifest a  whole new you. 

  • You will be more conscious, act more intelligent- even if you are angry and experience the power of relationship that will not only make your life more happy but also your body healthier and your sense of fulfillment bigger.
  • You will leave knowing you can create your own exceptional, magical and happy relationship and you can live your best life in harmony with the greatest and strongest relationship you could ever imagine.

If you’re really willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life and you will quit on your limiting beliefs.

  • You will be a better leader and lover
  • You will be calmer, difficult to get out of your inner peace and almost impossible to stress
  • You will be the best version of yourself and therefor get your partner to be the best partner you can imagine
  • You will live the most amazing and fulfilled relationship you ever imagined

Who The Program Is For & Who It’s Not For

Your life changing successful relationship is waiting for you if:

  • You are totally over with getting stressed out and feeling misunderstood.
  • You understand how important effective communication is and how already tiny twists in your (body) language  and (facial) expressions can change how someone feels and acts big time.
  • You want to live your life fulfilled with a loving and caring love relationship where your partner honors and respects you and treats you like the Queen that you are
  • You want to have a magical relationship and if conflicts arise you want to know how to handle them & make your relationship stronger and better.
  • You understand that your thoughts, feelings and actions are linked to the quality of your relationship

Accept that you are NOT ready yet if:

  • You are indecisive and not committed
  • You are not sure if investing in yourself is the right thing and you rather go shopping or eating out as you can forget about your worries for a while
  • You don’t want to put the work in. To transform your life there is only one person that can really do this and this is: you and only you . If you are lazy, just forget about it.
  • You rather just keep doing what you have been doing, being unhappy and unsatisfied with your life and your love as it is just the easiest thing to do
  • You are sure you are right about your feelings and your partner has to change first otherwise you are not ready to move

You basically have two options:

  1. You keep going it alone- this is a hard and lonely way and its not guaranteed that you will make it.
  •  You can just leave  everything as it is going right now  because you already lived like this for a few years so why change now?  
  • You might get burned out one day, the stress turns into a serious disease, your partner has enough and walks away because he wants more out of life and his relationship and he just could not handle the fights and conflicts anymore you were having day by day just living side by side.


You can apply for The Exceptional Relationship and create the most loving relationship with your partner.

  • The deepest connections, magical communication and a life full of joy and sparkles.
  • You will feel confident, strong, compassionate, peaceful and empowered in your interactions with your partner.
  • You will be high on life enjoying every moment to the fullest with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Questions & Answers:

You’ve got questions? We have answers.

If you are an alpha women, a high achiever, entrepreneur or leader who wants to level up her life and you are ready to commit, to put in the work and you have the drive to turn your relationship into the magic it is meant to be – then this is for you!

Every week, you get your new video and workbook where you can learn and practice at your own peace. You should plan in at least 3-5 hours a week to do the modules, fill out the workbook and apply what you have learned. The live Q&A times depend on your time zone but you will always get a replay and have the possibility to hand in your questions in case you can’t make it.

It is a special one-on-one and group coaching course where you have space to talk alone with the expert and connect with like-minded that are going through the same transformation. You can expect it to be a life changing transformation if you do all the work required.

Yes. Once you have applied for your discovery call, Vivi will tell you about all the options.

No problem! Just email and Vivi will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Exceptional Relationship is for the Woman who is 100% committed to create the magic in her relationship & live the best life with her partner. That is why The Exceptional Relationship is by application only.

Click below to book your free private The Exceptional Relationship Clarity Call with Vivi.

With LOVE & Abundance,


I am excited for what is still to come for you!